INRIX introduces TPEG Connect ~ TPEG over IP

INRIX has introduced TPEG Connect, a unique application of the Transport Protocol Experts Group (TPEG) standard that significantly reduces costs to drivers and vehicle OEMs for delivering traffic and travel information to connected vehicles and mobile devices.

INRIX TPEG Connect provides automakers and navigation application providers with the ability to optimize data payloads and connectivity for delivering richer real-time and predictive traffic flow, traffic incident information and other connected driver services like weather and fuel prices.

Based upon the TPEG format, TPEG Connect delivers this dynamic information using TPEG over IP (over the Internet), removing the significant constraints of traditional traffic broadcast delivery formats such as RDS-TMC.

“By readying the standard for use over IP, INRIX TPEG Connect removes key technical and commercial hurdles for our customers accelerating the delivery of next generation traffic applications and driver services” said INRIX Chief Technology Officer Craig Chapman

In testing since last year, INRIX TPEG Connect provides delta support that can reduce data payloads by up to 50 percent on each message request.

In turn, this unique delivery method can help OEMs and consumers save on connectivity costs by ensuring only the most location-relevant real-time information is delivered to the vehicle or the consumer’s mobile device — particularly across Europe where pre-paid data plans are the norm and data roaming fees can be exorbitant.

As more data-intensive applications become ubiquitous in the car and across a wide array of smartphones, portable navigation devices (PNDs) and tablet computers, optimizing for the delivery of only the most location-relevant information becomes critical.

Originally designed for digital broadcast networks, INRIX has adapted TPEG for use in connected vehicles and mobile devices using cellular data networks.

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