US Survey: Americans prefer tolls over fuel taxes

A new survey conducted by HNTB reveals that Americans would prefer to pay tolls or let their road collapse rather than pay higher fuel taxes.

The study’s findings note that “when given a choice between new roads funded by an increased gas tax, by new tolls or no new roads at all, Americans prefer tolls (41 percent) or no new roads at all (41 percent) over increased gas taxes (18 percent).”

Further, “A strong majority of Americans (84 percent) feel tolls should be considered project-by-project or as a primary source of transportation revenue. Only a small minority (16 percent) say tolls should never be used.”

Asked where they would be willing to spend more money to support long-term transportation improvements in their area, Americans ranked tolling ahead of other options, with nearly four in 10 (39 percent) choosing additional road and bridge tolls versus additional public transportation fees (29 percent), vehicle registration fees (23 percent), sales taxes (20 percent), gas taxes (18 percent), income taxes (11 percent) or property taxes (9 percent).

Additionally, nearly half (47 percent) of Americans believe the most important function of a toll facility is to generate transportation revenue, versus reducing congestion (25 percent) or providing a higher level of customer service (13 percent).

Source: HNTB.

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