Will Nissan use apps to activate vehicle ADAS systems?

Nissan has announced that it has developed a “Backup Collision Intervention (BCI)” system.

When a car equipped with the BCI system is being backed out of a parking lot and detects a potential obstacle in its path, the system can warn the driver and then intervene to stop the vehicle.

The system uses 24GHz radars (Valeo supplied) installed on the right and left rear sides of the vehicle to detect obstacles. The detection range is 20m for each of the left and right sides and 2m for the rear side.

These radars are basically the same as those Nissan uses for its Blind Spot Intervention (BSI) system, which is already available on certain models such as the Infiniti M sedan.

Nissan has not yet determined when to commercialize the BCI system, but it has said that the system can be activated by simply adding software to a vehicle equipped with the BSI system (as the required hardware will already be in place).

One possibility is that Nissan could sell an app (in the future) that can be downloaded to the car to activate the Backup Collision Intervention feature.

Via: Tech On.

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