Smart Grids pose good opportunities for Telecom Operators

A good opportunity exists for telecoms operators to enter the power market by providing backbone infrastructure for smart grids. This is the core finding of a new report from global management consultancy Arthur D. Little – “Smart Grid opportunities for telcos”, which analyses a range of business models in the context of smart grid adoption, and evaluates their attractiveness and feasibility for telecoms operators.

Potential business models for operators to explore include:

  • Next Generation Billing – Telecoms operators already have the expertise and infrastructure in complex billing and are in a strong position to present themselves as service providers. There is also increased sales potential in bundling electricity metering with existing telecoms products.
  • Energy Management Portal – As customers become increasingly more involved in their energy consumption, they will require constant access to information. This would not present an overly complex task for telecoms operators as existing customer portals could be expanded to include energy management functions.

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