US: ATX introduces Mobile Emergency Management Platform

ATX has announced its new mobile emergency management platform integrating its location-specific, emergency notification of vehicle emergencies to emergency responders with emergency towing, roadside assistance and auto insurance notification services provided by its corporate parent, Cross Country Automotive Services.

“Our mobile emergency management services offer the most comprehensive accident scene management available in the market, providing our clients with a multi-modal (live operator, messaging, interactive and automated voice, Web), data-centric network that integrates the information needs of all of the various parties typically involved in some aspect of a vehicle-based emergency,” explained Tom Metzger, ATX senior vice president and general manager of Connected Vehicles Services.

Telematics-based safety programs in vehicles generally have been limited to services that react to a vehicle emergency, providing emergency responders primarily with a precise location, a vehicle description, a communications link with the vehicle occupants and, in some cases, information about the nature and severity of the crash from in-vehicle crash sensors.

“By moving to our new fourth-generation telematics platform, ATX is able to offer vehicle manufacturers a program that provides end-to-end critical information in real time to all potential stakeholders in the emergency response chain – emergency medical responders, roadside assistance providers and (with the vehicle owner’s consent) potentially auto insurers, auto dealerships, rental car agencies and the owner’s emergency,” said Gary Wallace, vice president of Corporate Relations and ATX’s primary interface with emergency response agencies.

“By integrating Cross Country’s and ATX’s areas of expertise in vehicle interfaces and back-office, off-board technologies, we can facilitate a quicker, more comprehensive and more informed response.”

The development of a highly flexible mobile emergency management platform parallels the company’s commitment to mobile handset application development, voice technology applications, wireless services management and Web-interface development across all of its seven data and call centers and product development facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

Reliance on a total mobile emergency management platform also enables ATX to more quickly deploy a broad range of new technologies, search capabilities, new databases of relevant information and third-party services that can provide a more robust experience for vehicle owners.

Source: ATX.

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