Nissan takes EU Qashqai to Japan; links navigation to speed control

Since its debut in May 2007, the European-designed Dualis, known as Qashqai in Europe, has been one of Nissan’s best-selling models there for three consecutive years – with total sales exceeding 600,000 units since its release.

The Japan-market Dualis now receives a number of refinements focused on the exterior, interior and improved fuel economy.

One such addition is a set of Eco-drive support functions, which coordinate engine and CVT operations to help improve fuel economy. Smooth Acceleration Assist corrects driver’s acceleration operation and assists smooth and fuel-efficient start-up.

Adoption of Smart-rev Control helps maintain constant engine revolutions to help avoid uneven speed changes, contributing to enhanced actual fuel-efficiency.

In addition, the Navigation-linked Speed Control system optimizes engine braking to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption by providing route-information via the on-board navigation system – including information on the upcoming curves and the distance to the next tollgate (available on vehicles equipped with the CARWINGS HDD Navigation system, where terrestrial digital broadcasting service available).

Source: Nissan.

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