OBD connected Eco-Navigator PND to come to Europe

The Eco-Navigator is a Portable Navigation Device (PND) featuring an OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics port) interface that connects directly to the diagnostics bus of a vehicle, thereby collecting engine and performance data in real-time.

The Eco-Navigator processes this information and displays in MPG and CO2 per mile (real-time) in chart form. Eco-Navigator also calculates an “Eco-Score” comparing actual driving performance (MPG) to the vehicle’s rating, and/or to other benchmarks.

Vehicle and driver performance information is sent via a GPRS connection to a web portal where motorists can review and download their driving performance as well as vehicle diagnostics and maintenance information.

One of the key value propositions of the Eco-Navigator is the ability for drivers to see in real-time how their driving behavior effects gas mileage and CO2 emissions. Drivers can adjust their driving behavior, as well as see how their vehicle performs relative to the capabilities advertised by the manufacturer.

MyGuideAmericas LLC, NDrive Navigation Systems S.A., and Earthrise Technologies, Inc. , a subsidiary of the Digisec Group, have formed a partnership to deploy the Eco-Navigator through various electronics distributors and retailers in Europe, focusing initially on the United Kingdom.

NDrive Navigation system will run on the Eco-Navigator, along with real-time traffic, when it is deployed in early Q4 in select UK outlets.

Note: The Eco-Navigator will use SIM cards from Telenor Connexion for all markets worldwide.

Competition: Garmin ecoRoute HD.

Learn more about the Eco-Navigator here.

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