Telmap’s iPhone app downloaded over 200,000 times

Telmap has recently announced that its iPhone app has exceeded 200,000 downloads.

Telmap has provided white label, hosted and managed mobile search, mapping and navigation solutions to mobile operators, working closely with them on making the solution compatible with a wide range of devices.

The operator-branded iPhone version is already launched with 9 leading operators in key EMEA markets, APAC and the US, including the recently launched Vodafone UK Navigation service in the UK, SingTel’s Xplorer in Singapore and the more established Orange Maps in France and the UK where the service is bundled into the iPhone packages.

“The 200,000 downloads mark proves that operators are indeed still the most important partner for end users. The long-term familiarity, trust and billing relationships prove significant time and again when it comes to mobile services, and Telmap will continue to partner with operators on delivering location-enabled mobile interactions to their subscribers”, said Motti Kushnir, Telmap CMO.

Note: Telmap recently announced that SingTel (network operator in Singapore) has chosen Telmap’s navigation solution.

Source: Telmap.

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