US: ‘Distracted while driving’ tech to manage varying State Laws

CellControl recently announced that its driving while distracted technology is able to accommodate and adjust to every states’ particular laws concerning bans on distracted driving. Yesterday, the State of Louisiana¬† began enforcing Senate Bill nine that made texting while a driver is operating a vehicle a primary offense.

Like many other states, Louisiana restricts its ban to particular features of a cell phone, like texting, email, or Internet.

“Regardless of which features each state bans, CellControl remains committed to helping both businesses and consumers safely and easily comply with each law through customizable policy dashboards and up-to-date information on state laws” said Chuck Cox, CEO of CellControl.

Utilizing patent pending technology, CellControl has the ability to block the distracting features that come as part of mobile phone services, including outgoing and incoming texts, calls, and voicemails.

The CellControl solution, which is Bluetooth enabled and uses a vehicle’s onboard technology to signal vehicle motion, provides customizable control, vehicle monitoring and tamper-proof enforcement features that make it the perfect tool for customers ranging from large fleet owners to individual families.

Several CellControl devices have been installed in Louisiana state vehicles of Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) leadership, including that of Interim Secretary Sherri LeBas. The pilot study is reviewing the effectiveness of the device and will help determine its ability to improve safety.

DOTD volunteered to implement this pilot program, which is part of a nationwide push by the U.S. Department of Transportation to curb distracted driving among government employees while on the job.

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