UK: Vodafone to launch DLNA-certified mobile WiFi + NAS device

Vodafone is joining Three in offering a portable mobile device, but with added DLNA capabilities.

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard used to enable the sharing of digital media between different consumer electronics, so a DLNA compliant TV can interoperate with a DLNA compliant PC to play music, photos or videos. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is built into the standard.

The R201 is the first DLNA certified mobile Wi-Fi device, sharing a mobile broadband connection with up to five devices, plus a range of digital content such as pictures, music and video.The R201 also includes DRM (Digital Rights Management) to ensure all content is protected.

Designed for home or business, it can be used to map network drives and share files. With the embedded Samba software, it can be used as a mini Linux server (basically a Network Attached Server – NAS). Content can be stored, and shared, on an internal memory card, with support for capacities up to 32GB (supplied separately).

Vodafone has also integrated Twonky software, providing an easy means of streaming content to mobile devices.

The device, with a robust industrial design, will be released soon and be sold free of charge on an 18-month contract with 5GB of data available for £25 per month. It has an onboard display to show battery strength, signal and the number of connected devices.

Courtesy:, What Mobile.

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