Continental develops smartphone app to monitor tyre pressure

Continental’s tyre pressure monitoring system will be able to report to smartphones via pressure sensors located in tyres.

According to the company, the “filling assistant” system allows drivers to know when they reach the right pressure during inflation.

The first series production of the Filling Assistant in new vehicles is expected from 2013 onwards.

The system, developed by Continental’s Interior Division, communicates ‘wirelessly’ with the smartphone and specifies the exact inflation pressure of each tyre and can also confirm using a brief honk and blink signal when the tyre has been inflated to the correct pressure level.

Technical requirements for the system are a tyre pressure monitoring system with the corresponding sensors in the tyres and factory-integrated vehicle electronics with a wireless interface.

From 2013, Continental expects to start mass producing the first tires that will have sensors collecting tire data directly in the tire underneath the tread, instead of sensors that are connected to the valve.

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