Ford using Wi-Fi provisioning to install SYNC software

Ford is the first automaker to use Wi-Fi provisioning on the assembly line to wirelessly deliver SYNC software to vehicles equipped with the new MyFord Touch driver connect technology as they are being built.

The new on-the-assembly-line Wi-Fi capability eliminates the need for building, stocking and storing multiple SYNC hardware modules, thus reducing manufacturing complexity and saving cost.

“Using wireless software installation via Wi-Fi, we can stock just one type of SYNC module powering MyFord Touch and loaded with a basic software package,” explained Sukhwinder Wadhwa, SYNC global platform manager. “We eliminate around 90 unique part numbers, each of which would have to be updated every time a change is made – this system really boosts quality control.”

Through the Wi-Fi connection, SYNC software options totaling as much as 300 megabytes of data can be installed and configured wirelessly, including:

* The addition of the SYNC app Traffic, Directions & Information in U.S. markets

* Market-appropriate languages for voice-activated commands and system prompts

* Option-specific graphics and icons for navigation, system information and instrument panel screens

* Unique system color schemes for MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch

* Units of measurement settings for fuel economy, speed and distance

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