Malaysia: Bosch to focus on car infotainment systems

Bosch Malaysia aims to grow its 2010 sales by 40% from last year’s RM396 million and expects its Malaysian division to grow with its plant expansion and new R&D (research and development) centre.

Malaysia will be Bosch’s manufacturing base in the region to produce its latest car multimedia systems for customers worldwide.

Bosch aims to establish a strong presence in the car infotainment segment with a wide range of next-generation multimedia systems customised for different car segments including compact, medium and premium classes.

The car multimedia devices will come with applications such as dual-view touch screen display for the luxury segment as well as Bluetooth connectivity interfaces to the iPhone and iPod, MP3, DVD, CD player support, TV and GPS navigation.

The navigation system would not only be able to offer the shortest and fastest route but will also feature an eco mode that offers fuel-efficient routes for the driver.

Bosch Car Multimedia division’s plant in Penang will focus on producing next-generation devices and by 2013, 70% of the plant’s production will be car infotainment systems.

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