EU: INRIX launches free traffic iPhone app

Available for immediate download from the Apple App Store, INRIX Traffic! is a community-powered traffic app that uniquely helps drivers reduce the amount of time they waste stuck in traffic through a better understanding of current and future traffic conditions.

Initially available in local languages in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg with more countries to be added later this year, INRIX Traffic! covers more than 300,000 km of motorways, city streets and secondary roads in 100 cities.

In addition to real-time traffic information, the app’s Community Traffic Reports feature allows consumers to instantly view and share with the community common traffic-causing delays such as accidents and road works along their route.

The app also includes forecasts that enables consumers to see at a glance how traffic is expected to change over time. INRIX analyses real- time data and historical information as well as thousands of other traffic-impacting factors, such as day of the week, weather, holidays, accidents, road works and local events to provide reliable traffic forecasts.

Via: AseLabs.

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