US: CoPilot adds INRIX traffic info to its navigation app

Photo courtesy: CoPilot Live, ALK

ALK has added a real-time traffic service, ActiveTraffic,  to its popular CoPilot Live GPS navigation smartphone and iPad apps in the U.S.

CoPilot Live ActiveTraffic uses real-time traffic flow information provided by INRIX to calculate the best route to avoid traffic congestion and provide an accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Sections where traffic is traveling freely are indicated green, those with moderate congestion in yellow and severe congestion in red.

CoPilot Live takes all of this information into account to maintain a realistic estimated time of arrival based on actual road conditions.

New and existing CoPilot Live v8 Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile customers in the US will have the opportunity to try ActiveTraffic with a 14 day free trial and then buy a subscription for 12 months use at the special price of $9.99.

Current CoPilot Live v8 U.S Traffic subscribers will be upgraded to ActiveTraffic free of charge. ActiveTraffic is available immediately for iPhone and will be available for the other platforms the first week of September.

Source: ALK.

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