EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Tom Metzger, ATX

Tom Metzger is Senior Vice President and General Manager of ATX, Cross Country Automotive Services’ Connected Vehicle Services business. He has oversight for all client side Sales, Account Management, Product and Program Management, Automotive Systems Integration and Customer Solutions, as well as European strategy.

Telematics News (TN): You recently announced the launch of your 4th generation telematics platform. Could you tell us what are the KEY differences or improvements from your previous solution that you already offer to vehicle manufacturers?

ATX: With more than a decade of experience in this space, we have continued to evolve and enhance our infrastructure to deliver services that are relevant to the market.

Today, our infrastructure is significantly more modular and scalable than other systems in the market, enabling us to accelerate the implementation of our clients’ connected vehicle programs.

It also is more data-centric than what was previously required to process our traditional navigation and safety-security signals.

One of the more exciting aspects of our infrastructure is the ability to readily accommodate the ongoing expansion and enhancements in services offered, creating a fully-customized suite of unique services that OEMs can tailor to fit their evolving marketing strategies and provide variations for local markets.

Our enhanced platform also incorporates more interfaces designed specifically for extended delivery channels to users, such as interactive voice recognition systems, specialized Web portals, handset applications and SMS text messaging.

TN: Your recent press release mentioned ATX’s commitment to mobile handset application development. Does this mean you can help vehicle manufacturers develop automotive app solutions? Could you share some information with us on this subject?

ATX: Absolutely. We are very excited about the value that we offer our clients in this critical area. We are one of the few companies that can offer clients experience and expertise coupled with the capability to integrate with a connected vehicle.

We have put in place a center of excellence for mobile handset apps that can provide our OEM’s leading edge solutions that are fully customized for their brands.

We are also innovating in areas to enable drivers to interact with certain applications in a very safe manner. The apps we have in the market today were developed with our own in-house resources and we will be deploying additional products in the months ahead that should generate attention.

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