US: Mercedes updates smartphone app with concierge and bCall services

The mbrace Mobile Application version 2.0 builds on the automotive industry’s first fully integrated smartphone application which was launched by Mercedes-Benz and HTI in November 2009.

The first application allowed customers to use their phones to unlock their vehicles, locate their vehicles in crowded parking lots, and find nearby or preferred dealers among other services.

Version 2.0 includes all of those features but also allows customers to seamlessly access Mercedes-Benz Concierge services while away from the vehicle.

The concierge can access the caller’s location information to deliver relevant entertainment recommendations, restaurant locations, directions, traffic updates and more.

Requested destination information can then be sent directly from the concierge to an in-vehicle navigation system.

The new application also allows users to save multiple accounts in the log-in screen and assign nicknames, making it simple and quick to access multiple mbrace accounts from one device.

In addition to the new mobile concierge service, Roadside Assistance on the iPhone also has been enhanced with the mbraceMobile Application version 2.0 so that when a call is initiated, the customer’s location information is transmitted to the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance Center, allowing for more efficient and accurate service in the time of need.

In instances when the vehicle may not be accessible, may not have power, or is in an unknown location, the mobile application allows Mercedes-Benz to help their customers by pinpointing exactly where to send assistance.

Click here to download the app from iTunes.

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