New Bentley to get Google Maps access

The new Continental GT features new touchscreen technology with Google map imagery and a 30GB on-board hard drive.

The 8-inch screen displays the car’s audio system, telephone, ride and comfort settings and the latest navigation system, which uses both an in-car hard-disc drive and a DVD player to access route data.

It also employs dynamic navigation to guide user around areas of heavy traffic, finds destinations using geo-tagged photos from an SD memory card and is Google Maps-compatible (market specific).

Note: Other brands in the Volkswagen Group that offer Google Maps access (Audi A8, A7 and VW Phaeton) do so by providing a SIM card slot with user’s SIM or via a Bluetooth SAP connection to the user’s mobile phone.

The infotainment system, with 7 digit postcode entry, uses a combination of touchscreen controls and classic knurled rotary switches to offer instant usability and crystal-clear feedback

The Continental GT’s new infotainment system also provides in-car audio entertainment. An eight-speaker sound system is offered as standard employing the latest Balanced Mode Radiator technology. The compact, flat-panel speakers provide user with a wide frequency range.

It also includes 11-speaker Naim for Bentley system – created for the Continental GT by British audiophiles Naim.

The GT coupe also provides user with telephone and music player connectivity, digital television and DVD movie playback.

Music can be played and controlled directly from an iPod as well as from a six-disc CD changer, SD card reader or directly from the car’s hard-disc drive, which can store up to 15GB of music.

Via: Autoblog.

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