Peugeot iOn to get telematics as standard feature for lifetime

In addition to the latest-generation electric technology, the iOn incorporates the most recent telematics technologies to offer a range of Peugeot Connect services.

All iOn models, as standard and for an unlimited period, have access to Peugeot Connect services including Peugeot Connect SOS and Peugeot Connect Assistance.

If safety items are activated or the SOS button is pressed, the car’s occupants are put in touch with the emergency call centre. Similarly with Peugeot Connect Assistance, pressing the “Peugeot Lion” button automatically connects the user with the help line.

As the vehicle’s precise location is determined automatically, emergency or repair services can quickly be dispatched to the scene.

Other services include:

– Peugeot Connect Fleet, with periodic transmission of information such as battery charge status, remaining range, mileage and mileage before the next service that is particularly useful for fleet managers;

– Electric Driving, allowing the user to check, via Smartphone or PC, the battery charge status and range of the vehicle.

Source: Peugeot.
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