Garmin-Asus A50 smartphone available in Canada

Garmin-Asus recently announced that the Garmin-Asus A50 will be available in Canada through Videotron, Canada’s newest mobile network provider.

The Garmin-Asus A50 is a full-touch 3G smartphone with a large 3.5-inch screen integrated with Garmin’s on-board navigation

Garmin navigation is included and preloaded on the A50. Because maps are installed on the device, customers will not have to wait for third party maps to download from a server, nor will they lose their turn-by-turn, voice-prompted navigation if they are out of cell phone coverage.

The A50 also has many of the same features as Garmin nüvi navigation device and includes free lifetime map updates, traffic alerts (free for 3 years for Videotron customers) and a custom Garmin car mount and vehicle power cable.

Another important feature of A50 is that it will help users find their car in an unfamiliar spot or crowded parking lot because it automatically marks the position in which it was last removed from the windshield mount.

Click here to read press release.

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