Nokia Siemens launches Qt tools for multiscreen TV client

Nokia Siemens Networks has launched a new software client for ‘any device with a screen’ that allows people to watch TV via any network.

The Multiscreen TV client integrates “Over the Top” (Internet) TV and broadcast TV with the web and social network access. It provides a user interface for services delivered via Nokia Siemens Networks Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform, irrespective of location or device.

The client is built on Nokia’s open source Qt cross platform application and user interface framework. It comes with newer mobile TV services and IPTV capabilities such as time shifting and Video on Demand.

With Ubiquity Multiscreen TV Platform, MSPs can:

Allow users to share video content via its integration with web apps and social networks.

Add value to content inventory by delivering it to any user device, including mobile devices, over any network.

Add new functionality to set-top boxes (STBs) and other existing assets.

Accelerate the development and deployment of locally relevant new services, applications and ‘widgets’ by supplementing an existing IML applications toolkit with Nokia Qt.

Implement Digital Rights Management for all content across all devices.

Click here to read press release.

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