Hughes wins new clients for its In-Drive telematics system

Hughes Telematics has announced that it has secured client relationships with three industry leaders, including two Fortune 100 companies, for its In-Drive aftermarket solution.

As a self-installed solution, In-Drive’s portfolio of services ranges from emergency response and family monitoring services to diagnostics and driver behavior data services. In-Drive was designed with the flexibility to provide connected services across multiple industries.

The new clients include leading companies from the automotive insurance, motor and travel assistance and financial services industries.

A new In-Drive client in the financial services area is expected to benefit from the utilization of the extensive amount of data that can be extracted from the vehicle.

The client intends to leverage the self-install feature of In-Drive to increase vehicle deployment efficiency, thereby enhancing the return on investment for its clients. The immediate benefit to this financial services company is In-Drive’s comprehensive data services, which will allow it and its end customers to realize significant cost savings.

Learn more about In-Drive here.

Read press release here.

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