OnStar launches audio-based app developer contest for students

(Click here to visit the 2011 OnStar Student Developer Challenge website)

The 2011 OnStar Student Developer Challenge is an audio-focused Application Programming Interface (API) competition for students of engineering, interaction design and human computer interaction from select universities. Students will submit original and compelling Voice-Enabled applications.

Professors and students will use the OnStar Developer Toolkit to develop prototype applications. Students will begin submitting entries in January 2011 in these general service areas:

* Responsible Connectivity: Infotainment solutions that keep drivers safe and connected

* Informed Driving: Leveraging vehicle information to improve the driving experience

* Leveraging Location: Use location-based information to enhance the drivers’ lifestyle, increase productivity or plan travel

Six finalists will be chosen to present their Voice-Enabled applications to a prestigious panel of judges.

Source: GM.

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