Telenav debuts location-based mobile advertising

TeleNav has announced a drive-time search and navigation mobile advertising platform developed to transform the way in which advertisers reach millions of on-the-go users.

TeleNav’s advertising platform fills critical gaps in the $3.8 billion mobile advertising industry by delivering a relevant and targeted ad to users based on the location and context of their search query.

And TeleNav’s premium GPS navigation service can guide customers to the advertiser’s door.

TeleNav also provides advertisers with action-based metrics such as “Drive-to Rate,” which captures the number of users who viewed an ad and chose to drive to the advertiser’s business location.

TeleNav’s advertising platform has access to more than 500,000 advertisers through an existing network of ad partners, including national restaurant, hotel and retail chains.

TeleNav’s advertising platform delivers relevant ads to users of TeleNav and TeleNav-powered GPS navigation products.

TeleNav’s navigation services, both ad and non-ad enabled, are used by millions of unique users who log a total of around 700 million minutes of application usage time each month.

Users of TeleNav’s search and mobile GPS navigation services view more than forty million mobile search pages each month.

TeleNav’s ad platform uses proprietary technology to deliver a relevant and targeted ad for nearby advertisers based on the location and context of the search query.

Ads can include additional content such as coupons, menus or promotional information.

For the advertisers, the platform measures traditional ad metrics such as impressions, click-through rate (CTR), and calls, as well as the number of users who map or drive to the advertiser’s location after viewing an ad.

TeleNav does not provide advertisers with information regarding specific users, but measures an aggregate of calls, clicks, drive-tos and other user actions initiated by an advertiser’s ad.

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