US: Cross Country intros ‘Automated Location Spotting’ for bCall

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Cross Country, a leading provider of driver and vehicle assistance services in North America, has announced that it has implemented Automated Location Spotting, which provides precise location data of stranded customers requesting roadside assistance – enabling Cross Country to provide motorists with needed help faster and more reliably.

Cross Country has partnered with TechnoCom Corporation (TechnoCom), a leading provider of turnkey enterprise location solutions, to enable this valuable service.

Utilizing real-time caller location data obtained automatically from either landline telephones or mobile telephones through the TechnoCom Location Platform, Automated Location Spotting allows Cross Country to precisely locate the address of a disabled vehicle and immediately convey the location information to the responding emergency service provider, such as a tow truck or other responder.

“Location is the most critical data in a roadside assistance call,” explained Charlie Cavolina, Cross Country senior vice president of Service Delivery. “With Automatic Location Spotting, we have made a significant investment in our proprietary systems to obtain precise location information through one of the most accurate methods available in the marketplace.

The new service highlights our commitment to and continuous focus on improving the services we offer our clients and their customers through advanced technology.”

Source: Cross Country.

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