Paris: BMW to preview ‘Hands-free tail gate opener’

At the Paris Motor Show, BMW is previewing a further innovation which was devised as part of the BMW ConnectedDrive development philosophy and plays a key role in loading convenience.

The “hands-free tailgate opening” function is demonstrated on the new BMW 5 Series Saloon and new BMW 5 Series Touring.

This feature allows customers standing behind the vehicle to open the luggage compartment automatically with a movement of their foot.

It means that if customers want to load numerous – or particularly large – items of luggage, they no longer need to put these items down on the ground and free up a hand before opening the tailgate.

The new convenience function uses two sensor strips placed on different planes in the bumper.

The placement of the sensors makes it possible to identify the customer’s foot movement without any risk of confusing it, for example, with a ball rolling under the car.

The opening mechanism can only be activated if the control unit also identifies the car key, which the customer must be carrying with him.

The “hands-free tailgate opener” will be available for the new BMW 5 Series Touring and new BMW 5 Series Saloon from autumn 2011 as part of the BMW ConnectedDrive Comfort Access option.

Source: BMW.
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