Paris: BMW to offer new WiFi hotspot with wireless phone

The BMW Car Hotspot allows passengers to surf the internet while on the move using a WiFi connection.

This function is available from autumn 2010 both as an option from BMW ConnectedDrive and as a retrofit item from the Original BMW Accessories range.

This innovative technology allows passengers to hook up to the internet using their smartphone, iPad, netbook or other device with WiFi access.

The online connection is established by the BMW Car Hotspot.

A data-enabled SIM card is either placed directly into the BMW Car Hotspot or fitted in a mobile phone with SIM Access Profile (SAP) which is integrated into the vehicle via the snap-in adapter.

The encrypted WiFi connection then allows the passengers to surf the internet using suitably equipped devices.

An online connection with virtually 100 percent coverage is provided by the transition between the UMTS and GSM networks, and the connection is enhanced by the external vehicle aerial.

Moreover, using the BMW Car Hotspot leads to a reduction in radiation levels inside the vehicle and extends the battery life of the mobile device.

Source: BMW.
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