Bosch developing Linux-based telematics platform with app support

With its new telematics platform, Bosch is now closing the gap between the long product lifecycles in the automotive industry and the rapid evolution of mobile applications in entertainment and information technology by making it possible to regularly update and upgrade the systems as required.

The platform offers carmakers the option of developing new business models by providing new functions or software updates, which can be downloaded into the vehicle without requiring a visit to the repair shop or car dealer. As a result, the in-vehicle application always remains right up to date and keeps pace with the latest trends in the world of multimedia.

Bosch will use an open software architecture on its innovative telematics platform, whereby the development engineers at Bosch Car Multimedia have opted for Linux-based open-source software to facilitate and accelerate the integration of innovative multimedia features in in-vehicle infotainment solutions.

The open-source model from Linux enables the separate, distributed development of robust applications. In this context, the re-use of software routines that have already been tried and tested millions of times over guarantees the vehicle manufacturers and not least the users as well, the use of reliable, error-free applications in high quality.

Bosch devotes special attention to protecting user privacy. Modern encryption processes are used to protect all the data that can be exchanged online between the vehicle and the service providers against unauthorized access. In addition, only those software applications are executed that have been legitimated by digital signatures and approved by the vehicle manufacturer for use in a certain vehicle model.

Telematics systems can only be realized cost-efficiently in the future if they are based on standardized platforms to reduce the time-to-market and the manufacturing costs of the underlying basic technology as well as of specific innovations. The wide diversity of mobile applications for this new generation of networked infotainment systems ranges from convenience functions to safety features and right on up to systems for the collection of toll fees.

Source: Bosch.

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