Japan: Fujitsu Ten to debut low-cost PND with rear camera

Fujitsu Ten recently announced that it will release the “EP001” personal navigation device (PND) and the “AVN110M,” a new model of the “AVN Lite” stationary navigation device. A rear camera is available as an option for the devices.

Fujitsu Ten launched the AVN Lite, which is a low-priced stationary navigation device, in October 2008.

And it has sold more than 200,000 units in one year and eight months. Expecting that the market for low-priced car navigation device will continue to grow in Japan, the company decided to launch the EP001, its first PND.

Fujitsu Ten aims to sell the PND to those who have not so far purchased a car navigation device and increase its market share from 17.6% in fiscal 2009 to 20% in fiscal 2010 in terms of monetary amounts.

Though there are no manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, the expected price of the EP001 (without a rear camera) is ¥55,000 (approx US$642), and that of the “EP001C” (with a rear camera) is ¥70,000.

The shipment volumes of the EP001 and the EP001C will be respectively 6,000 and 2,000 units per month.

They will be released at the beginning of November 2010. MiTAC International Corp, a Taiwan-based EMS firm, manufactures the devices.

The EP001C comes with a rear camera and a dedicated bracket so that users can easily install the camera inside a car. According to a research conducted by Fujitsu Ten, the most popular peripheral device among PND users is a rear camera.

However, a rear camera costs about ¥20,000, and its installation fee is about ¥15,000. As a result, most PND users have not installed a rear camera thus far, the company said.

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