Garmin partners with Coyote for speed camera information

Garmin has recently announced to integrate Coyote’s real-time speed camera information in its connected PND, the nüLink! 1695.

The service will allow users to warn and be warned of the presence of fixed and mobile speed cameras in real time. This service from Coyote has already attracted over 600,000 users across Europe.

Garmin’s nüLink! live services includes features such as Google Local Search, premium traffic, fuel prices, parking space availability and pricing, weather, flight status, currency exchange rates and Ciao! friend finder.

Each of these premium features are continually updated using a wireless internet data connection, so users will always have the best information available.

Users can also access the nüLink! store directly from their devices and subscribe to safety camera coverage and advanced weather radar.

The Garmin nüLink! 1695 Coyote equipped function will be available in the market from October 2010.

Via: In Business

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