US: 8 companies including Denso & Siemens win grants for V2X hardware prototype

The Intelligent Transportation System Joint Program Office (ITS-JPO) has announced grants to eight contractors to develop prototype devices capable of generating “Here I Am” basic safety messages to other vehicles and devices using DSRC 5.9 GHz communication technology.

Each of the eight device manufacturers will produce five “Here I Am” units for qualification testing. Those vendors/products that pass DOT’s device certification testing will be placed on a Qualified Product List (QPL) and be eligible for supporting the upcoming IntelliDrive Safety Pilot model deployment which will involve approximately 2500-3000 vehicles.

The devices will be used for identifying vehicle location, trajectory, and speed using the SAE J2735 basic safety message; messages will not include any personally identifiable information.

Awards have been made to the following contractors:

* AutoTalks Ltd
* Cohda Wireless
* Cohda Wireless/TomTom
* Denso International America, Inc.
* DGE Inc.
* Industrial Technology Research Institute
* Savari
* Siemens Industry Inc.

The period of performance for device development and qualification testing is seven months, starting October 1, 2010.

The Safety Pilot research program is part of the USDOT’s IntelliDrive initiative.

Courtesy: IntelliDrive.

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