Paris: TomTom announces HD Traffic 4.0 with predictive traffic

TomTom has recently released its next generation traffic system across Europe, becoming the first company to use historic, real-time and predictive traffic data to deliver the most accurate traffic navigation available.

HD Traffic 4.0 covers more of the road network and reports traffic jams with more accuracy, giving drivers the most precise traffic information in Europe.

Existing HD Traffic customers will experience the benefits immediately, without the need for any software upgrade.

TomTom’s real-time and predictive traffic technology now detects traffic jams that other services are unable to. HD Traffic 4.0 reports traffic jams with higher accuracy, reporting up to 200% more traffic jams during rush hours than previously, in particular on urban roads.

Combined with the fastest routing engine available, HD Traffic 4.0 gets drivers through traffic faster.

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