Paris: Valeo presents electric show car with ADAS

Valeo is presenting an electric show car at the Paris Motor Show. This demonstration vehicle showcases a wide range of innovative technologies that increase the autonomy of electric vehicles.

The wide range of technologies on display includes:

Smart key to communicate with the vehicle

The user has a smart key which displays the battery’s charge level up to 500 meters from the car. It can also order the car to activate climate control prior to travel, by turning on the heating or air conditioning while the vehicle is connected to the grid.


Valeo has developed a system that detects pedestrians on the vehicle’s trajectory and emits a sound signal targeted at the area in which they are located.

In order to do this, the show car has cameras and ultrasonic sensors that ensure this as well as additional functions: automatic docking (automatic cable-free connection), semi-automatic parallel or perpendicular parking, assistance exiting a parallel parking space, automatic switching between high and low beams, BeamAtic Premium, speed limit sign recognition and lane departure warning.

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