Paris: Mazda to offer TomTom in-dash system with LIVE services

TomTom has announced at the Paris Motor Show that it will supply Mazda Motor with a connected in-dash multi media and navigation solution, developed in cooperation with SANYO.

The solution combines SANYO’s audio video infotainment features with TomTom’s in-car navigation technology, including TomTom LIVE Services.

It will be offered by Mazda as an option on its new Mazda5 in Europe.

This announcement coincides with the launch of TomTom’s Traffic Manifesto across Europe.

The Manifesto outlines how TomTom and its partners are on a mission to reduce congestion for all. Mazda customers will benefit from a reduction in their journey times and will contribute to reducing congestion for other drivers by making better use of the existing road network.

Source: TomTom.

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