Audi A1 uses Elektrobit navigation & speech dialog software

EB (Elektrobit) is providing both the navigation software and the speech dialog software for the standard control and display unit (head unit) of the new Audi A1.

The navigation software is based on the navigation solution EB street director. Using the EB GUIDE Speech Target Framework (STF), a speech dialog system has also been integrated into the infotainment solution.

For the standard head unit in the new Audi A1, the premium car manufacturer made the decision to use the flexible software products of EB for the Delphi infotainment system. The system offers radio, navigation, and connectivity functionality.

EB street director is flexibly configurable. That means the navigation solution can be fully adapted into the manufacturer’s designs, so automotive clients get a customized navigation system with a brand-specific appearance.

Audi used EB GUIDE STF to integrate a flexible runtime environment for speech dialogs into their head units. This product provides applications like navigation with different speech services with appropriate grammar.

EB GUIDE STF thus connects the user interface with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and speech synthesis (Text-to-Speech, TTS) services from third-party providers. For example, the entry of a destination into the navigation system by speech (Voice Destination Entry, VDE) was implemented in this way for different country variants.

Source: Elektrobit.

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