Paris: Toyota to launch internet-connected navi from Aisin AW

At the Paris Motor Show Aisin AW introduced a new navigation system to use with Toyota’s European car models. The TNS350 will be available for installation with Toyota dealers in Europe from February 2011.

The key features of TN350 features include:

Internet exchange feature:

An SD-card based navigation solution with Internet exchange feature via a dedicated internet portal allows users to save Addresses and Points of Interest (POI) to a USB memory stick, for use with their navigation system.

Direct internet connectivity, enabling additional features such as web POI search will be added to this system in the near future.

Click and Slide interface:

TNS350 features a new “click and slide”-interface. This interface allows fast and smooth map scrolling, list scrolling and zoom features.

Split screen layout:

With split screen layout showing map and entertainment information side by side, navigation on TNS350 features speed limit signage and safety camera notification. Safety camera locations as well as complete maps may be updated via Internet download.

Compatibility with portable media players and mobile phones:

iPod music can be connected simply by the user’s iPod to USB cable while iPod Video content can be played back with an optional cable. The Bluetooth module of the TNS350 not only allows for hands free calling, but also enables wireless access to music stored on compatible mobile phones and media players.

Furthermore, TNS350 has USB and AUX connectors as well as an SD-Slot and it reads MP3, WMA and AAC music file formats.

20 languages for display and voice guidance:

It supports 20 languages for display and voice guidance, adding Ukrainian, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, Romanian.

Back-up camera & CD charger:

TNS350 connects to CD-Changers, is ready for Digital Radio (DAB, Digital Audio Broadcast) and cooperates with an optional back-up-camera. The picture viewer software of TNS350 allows further personalizing the system by selecting individual start up screens

Note: TNS350 is suitable for all European Toyota models with a 2-DIN slot and will be available for installation with Toyota dealers across Europe from February 2011.

Article and image courtesy: ERTICO.

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