Paris: Smart shows car2go with new telematics hardware & phone app

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At this year’s Paris Motor Show, car2go and smart are celebrating the world premiere of a new generation of cars. In future, blue-and-white smart fortwos will roll off the production line at the smart plant in Hambach, Lorraine, as a fully-configured “car2go edition”.

What is car2go – When a customer requires a car, at whatever time of day or night, they can either rent it spontaneously on the street, or reserve it by phone or online. They can use the car for as long as required, then leave it at any public parking space within the car2go operating area. The pricing is particularly simple: rates are by the minute and include fuel, insurance and parking.

The car2go edition is fitted with brand new telematics hardware, a new control unit with touchscreen, and a solar roof developed especially for the smart.

The telematics system has been optimized for the requirements of car2go, and were developed in cooperation with the Ulm-based Daimler TSS GmbH among other companies.

The new-generation technology is completely integrated into the vehicle both visually and technically. At its heart is a new control unit with a large touch-sensitive screen.

The car key, which was previously kept in the glove compartment, is now securely stowed in the navigation head unit. There are also convenient slots for up to four chip cards (e.g. for refuelling or for entry to car parks).

The telematics unit is networked directly with the vehicle electronics, which means it can also control the immobiliser: when the customer starts the rental process with his or her access authorization and enters a PIN number, the immobiliser is deactivated and later, once the rental is over, it is immediately activated again.

The user interface has also been completely redesigned: both the menu and the integrated radio and navigation system have been clearly upgraded, are even more convenient to use, and are in keeping with the car2go design.

The success of the innovative car2go mobility concept in Ulm and Austin has also prompted Daimler to join a consortium bidding for the contract for the pioneering “Autolib’” project in Paris, as a supplier of vehicles and car2go technology.

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Learn more about car2go here.

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