U.S: Qualcomm launches Augmented Reality SDK for Android

Image Courtesy: Android and me

Qualcomm has recently announced the immediate availability of its Augmented Reality (AR) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android smartphones.

Offered through Qualcomm’s online developer network, QDevNet, Qualcomm’s SDK will enable a new breed of applications that delivers interactive 3D experiences on everyday objects, such as 3D gaming experiences on tabletops and interactive media experiences on product packaging and promotional items.

Qualcomm’s AR platform, which includes the AR SDK, uses computer vision technology to align graphics tightly with underlying objects.

The approach is an evolution from current AR techniques that use a phone’s GPS and compass for mapping applications.

Vision-based AR enables a fundamentally different user experience in which graphics appear as if they are anchored to real world objects.

Qualcomm’s SDK provides developers with an advanced feature set, allowing for augmentation of everyday images on printed media, as well as simple 3D objects such as boxes used for product packaging.

Additionally, it supports the ability for users to interact with AR applications by simply touching real world surfaces.

Source: Qualcomm.
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