CSR debuts auto-grade SoC for connected infotainment

CSR has recently introduced the SiRFprimaAuto multifunction location platform, its first auto-qualified SoC product and advanced connected infotainment solution specifically created to meet the stringent quality, interoperability and reliability requirements of tier-1 automotive electronics OEMs.

The AEC-Q100 qualified SiRFprimaAuto SoC with built-in GPS/GNSS is unique because it is pre-integrated with CSR’s acclaimed automotive-grade wireless connectivity solutions and associated CSR Synergy connectivity host software, as well as SiRFDRive dead reckoning software, which speeds connectivity integration, improves location performance and reduces the cost of product software design, debugging and testing.

“Integrating automotive-quality, highly interoperable wireless connectivity has always been a challenge for system integrators, in terms of both the time required for integration and also the additional costs associated with developing the upper level software that drives these technologies,” said Lars Boeryd, Director of Automotive Marketing for CSR.

“CSR simplifies this process with unique pre-integrated connectivity components that have been rigorously tested in the automotive space over many years and are part of the SiRFprimaAuto BSP offerings for Linux, Windows CE and Android.”

According to Boeryd, Bluetooth hands-free and contact sync capabilities have become mainstream features found in most in-vehicle infotainment product lines today, while the advent of music-enabled mobile phones is now making Bluetooth streaming through A2DP an increasingly popular way of replacing the CD as the primary way to enjoy personal music collections in the car.

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