deCarta launches white-label navigation application

deCarta announced the launch of deCarta Navigation, a white-label navigation application allowing Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), mobile handset OEMs and Enterprise customers to add turn-by-turn route guidance to their location service offerings.

deCarta Navigation is an “off-board” solution, with the map data stored in the cloud, allowing frequent map updates and easy integration with dynamic content. deCarta Navigation also includes integration APIs that allow third party developers to incorporate navigation as a core feature of any application.

The solution is built on deCarta’s Drill Down Server (DDS) location platform and is tightly integrated to other deCarta offerings such as MapSearch local search, maps and third party APIs.

It is offered as a white-label solution and can be branded by the service provider to maintain a consistent look and feel with other applications.

deCarta Navigation can be offered as a subscription-based service, bundled with broader service offerings or provided as a free service to drive advertising opportunities.

deCarta’s white-label approach allows the service provider, whether a MNO, a handset OEM or an enterprise service provider to determine and control the business model.

View press release here.

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