Germany: TPEG over internet demonstrated by Conti and its partners

As part of the European AKTIV project, Continental, PTV and the Hessian State Office for Road and Traffic Affairs have now come up with a faster and more detailed channeling of information that not only provides the latest traffic information but also short-term traffic forecasts and detour recommendations.

The base data for this is provided by the traffic control center of the Hessian State Office for Road and Traffic Affairs. The control center is permanently receiving and updating all the information from the traffic measuring points on all highways. This data also includes what is being displayed on dynamic traffic signs, the average journey times and where construction work is taking place (accurate to the meter).

This data is transmitted online to PTV’s information platform and is automatically analyzed there. Apart from providing details of the latest traffic situation, this platform also gives traffic forecasts every 15 minutes for each individual section of the journey giving a prognosis of up to the next two hours.

Whereas up to now, the TMC data was received via the car radio, the AKTIV development partners send more up-to-date and more precise traffic information as TPEG data (Transport Protocol Experts Group, an open standard for sending traffic and travel information) via cellular radio signals to the navigation system.

The vehicle’s navigation system accesses a new Internet service to receive this data making it possible to call up information minute by minute as needed, depending on network coverage.

Results from the tests show that on average ten times more traffic information can be generated using this AKTIV technology than was previously the norm, and it can be integrated into the navigation’s route planning.

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