Mecel retunes Bluetooth profile for smartphone app integration

Mecel engineering experts have evolved the AVRCP1.4 concept so it can be used for mobile phone connectivity features such as Spotify, Pandora, Internet radio, Facebook, Twitter, etc without creating specific software for the head unit.

By simply creating a small application in the mobile phone, which transfers the desired connectivity service over AVRCP1.4, the feature will be well functioning in vehicle head units with AVRCP1.4 support.

No software updates are required in the vehicles and opens up possibilities for extensive compatibility for future “must” features.

This strategy has been verified and demonstrated with Android phones at several OEM Tech Shows during the spring and can be demonstrated by Mecel upon request.

For OEM:s, it means that they can provide a large amount of popular end user programs such as streaming services, traffic information, e-news papers etc. Everything that is list based is a potential candidate to be transferred to the head unit over the AVRCP1.4 Bluetooth profile.

Learn more here.

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