BMW Innovation Day: Infotainment and telematics

The car key of the future

A weekend trip with just your BMW key on you? Not a problem, as you can use it to book tickets, make cashless payments and access your hotel room.

My BMW Remote

A smartphone app leads you back to your parking space and sets the desired interior vehicle temperature in advance.

Seamless Media Access

Just brought home the latest album by your favourite band and only have time to listen to the first three tracks? No worries: track 4 will be ready to play in the car.

Mood-based playlist

Chillout music on country roads, karaoke in a traffic jam, prog-rock after work – the Mood-based playlist delivers the appropriate music for every situation.

Micropause apps

Hate the wait at red lights? Why not fill the time by reading the news or playing a game? Your car will let you know in good time when the lights are ready to turn green.

Outlook functionality in the car

Can’t survive without mail? The car’s Outlook facility flags up the “You have mail” message directly from the exchange mail server.

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