VW Toureg gets Valeo’s 360Vue system

Valeo’s 360Vue system, which offers total vision around the vehicle, is available on the new Volkswagen Touareg.

Four miniature digital cameras (in the front and rear, and on the outside rearview mirrors), linked to an image processing application, allow the system to display a single homogeneous view on a central screen.

The processed image gives the driver the impression of seeing the vehicle and its environment from above. Maneuvering in complex situations becomes safe and easy.

The driver may also select other views on the screen: for example, a wide-angle view of the area behind the vehicle is particularly useful when parking. Similarly, viewing the area in front of the vehicle is important at a blind junction or parking slot exit.

The system is also linked to ultrasonic sensors, which enable precise distances to be displayed as lines on the image. Other lines become dynamic to illustrate the trajectory as soon as the driver begins the maneuver. Diagonal parking is made far simpler, allowing the driver to park in the narrowest of spaces.

Valeo has confirmed its position as world leader for multi-camera viewing systems, which are already in production on a number of models by four automakers.

By the end of 2011, 17 models from five different brands will be equipped with multi-camera viewing solutions.

Source: Valeo.

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