France: ViaMichelin expands traffic coverage

ViaMichelin displays current traffic information covering the whole of France on its web portal. This service is also available as iPhone application.

Since September 21, 2010, ViaMichelin Traffic has become even more precise. This is because PTV uses the latest data processing technologies in order to add floating car data (FCD) to detector data.

As a result, drivers obtain an almost complete and up-to-date picture of the entire traffic situation and can distinguish between “real” and “pseudo” traffic jams.

Does your navigation system tell you that there is a traffic jam at the toll plaza? This information is probably incorrect because, in fact, drivers put the brakes and slow down over a short distance before they continue their journey at “normal” speed. This actually means that there is no real traffic jam. ViaMichelin’s portal does not make these mistakes.

Traffic data is always up-to-date as it is evaluated every three minutes. Currently, more than 100,000 vehicles actively send their data during a weekday. The high capacity of ViaMichelin’s system is another outstanding feature: it can process tens of thousands of position reports per minute.

The information is displayed on the company’s web portal. Moreover, it is used for the generation of messages via TMC for broadcasting and for dynamic route search on mobile navigation devices.

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