Singapore: Bosch to lay EV infrastructure with telematics

The Bosch Group has successfully bid for a pilot project in Singapore that includes a software-based service platform for e-mobility, as well as the necessary charging and communication infrastructure that goes with it. The target customers and users of the platform are people who drive or rent electric vehicles.

The internet-based “eMobility Solution” not only helps drivers find available charge spots, but also lets them reserve spots in advance. That is particularly significant in megacities, where parking space and thus space for charge spots is limited.

“The many possibilities this integrated service platform offers are becoming especially apparent in megacities. The Singapore government has recognized this opportunity and is now working together with Bosch to make this pioneering technology a reality,” said Franz Fehrenbach, chairman of the Bosch board of management.

Service providers, for example, could propose routes to drivers that take into account their electric vehicles’ ranges, the charge spots that are available, and the current traffic situation. On their navigation devices and cell phones, drivers could also receive information about the best way to reach their destinations using alternate routes that include public transportation.

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