Ford releases SYNC SDK for smartphone integration

Ford is starting to release its Software Development Kit (SDK) to a new set of interested smartphone app developers so they can modify existing apps to work hands-free using voice recognition through Ford SYNC for safer command and control while driving.

Understanding the potential of the SYNC application programming interface (API), app developers have been clamoring for the Ford SDK since the company announced the launch of the SYNC Developer website (

Since then, Ford has received and is reviewing more than 1,000 submissions from interested parties looking to modify existing apps or create all-new apps that can successfully interface with Ford SYNC through AppLink.

Being cautious with the SDK, Ford has developed stringent self-imposed guidelines for in-car app development, considering a whole set of parameters that make sense for the driving environment.

Ford is in the process of evaluating the potential of existing apps that are appropriate for in-car use. Categories include:

* Personalized entertainment such as Pandora Internet radio

* Personalized information and news such as Stitcher smart radio or Orangatame’s OpenBeak

* Location-based services including navigation, traffic and business searches

* Notifications and alerts leveraging SYNC’s ability to mash up vehicle information, GPS locations and more, all to provide the driver with customized information and guidance

* Financial apps that, for example, provide alerts such as stock price drops or overdrafts and, in the future, drive-by payments

* Scheduling and planning apps that could include notifications of flight status, for instance, in the event flights are delayed or rescheduled

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