Pandora wants to be in every car radio on the road

Excerpts from CEOutlook:

Pandora wants to be in every car radio on the road. It’s aggressively courting aftermarket as well as OEM radio makers to include Pandora control over smartphones and it told attendees at the KnowledgeFest show “You are the game changer. Aftermarket is the game changer for integration in vehicles.”

Pandora said that it now permits integration with Android and BlackBerry phones (in addition to the iPhone) and so it hopes to see Pandora car radios that work with these phones next year.

We talked to Steel after the presentation and she explained that expanding into the automobile is the number one goal for Pandora’s business development team. “Nothing is more important to us than being integrated into the car.” Already 40 million people have Pandora on their phones (out of the 65 million total Pandora listeners).

And while Pandora is very intent on getting car makers to include it’s free service in their radios, it knows that will “not happen overnight,” says Steel, hence Pandora’s focus on the aftermarket.

Pandora will soon be available in Ford and GM cars and Mercedes Benz recently stated that it is offering a dealer option that permits Pandora control on its radios.

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