Citroen C4 features Bosch’s Side View Assist system

The Bosch “Side View Assist” blind-spot assistant is an innovative driver assistance system that helps drivers when they are changing lanes and warns them of dangers. Like the Bosch parking aid and parking assistant, the system uses ultrasonic sensors.

Because of the combination of several ultrasound-based features, and because the Side View Assist makes use of electronic components already present in the car, the system offers automakers – and thus ultimately car buyers – significant cost savings compared with radar- or video-based systems.

The Side View Assist is capable of registering objects three meters to the side and diagonally to the rear of the vehicle, which means that it covers precisely those areas that are located in the dangerous “blind spot.” If the sensors detect a vehicle, their signal is first checked for plausibility by the system’s electronics to prevent false alarms. The Side View Assist can then warn the driver in two ways: first optically, and then, if the driver fails to react, acoustically.

The Side View Assist’s ultrasonic sensors are mounted in the sides of the vehicle’s front and rear bumpers. The two rear-side sensors monitor the blind spot on the lanes to the right and left.

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