US: TomTom launches roadside assistance service with Cross Country

TomTom has launched a Roadside Assistance service (in North America) for all users of TomTom’s world-class GPS devices and the TomTom App for iPhone.

Available through a partnership with Cross Country Automotive Services, this program will be offered to both new and existing TomTom drivers in the U.S. and Canada.

Users can call 1-800-708-1080 for 24/7/365 assistance.

Roadside assistance is limited to a combined four service incidents per membership year and is available in two levels of service:

TomTom Roadside Assistance Premium costs $59.95 per year, and covers out of pocket costs for services of up to $100 per event.

TomTom Roadside Assistance Plus costs $49.95 per year. It provides the same roadside assistance services in a more economical program designed to handle the cost of shorter distance tows or other services up to $50 per event.

An additional ‘Per Event’ service is also available.

Learn more here.

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